KENDAY Consulting, LLC

The KENDAY Consulting Company provides real estate related services that allow clients to project operating and capital expenses for proficient planning and budgeting purposes. This objective is achieved through a) Facility Assessments, b) Quality Assurance Program, and c) development and implementation of a Periodic Maintenance Program.


Institutions that invest in large facility buildings often do not have the desire or expertise to perform the daily maintenance or develop a long term plan for maintenance to maximize the life expectancy of the facility. Many build, occupy, demolish, and rebuild. A better use of capital is build maintain. and elongate the usage with efficient capital budgeting through Facility Assessments. KENDAY Consulting performs these assessments on the often invisible equipment that is critical to the creature comforts and operating success of the client’s enterprise. The electrical distribution systems internal to the structure and externally connecting to the provider are examples of facility areas assessed. Detailed analysis of breaker panels distributions analyzing present and projected equipment additions that impact available capacities are reviewed. An additional area of review includes architectural structure integrity, and review of finishes. A detailed life expectancy of carpet, hardwood, marble, tile, and other floor systems with time table recommendations for replacements or maintenance is performed. Painting and resurfacing of interior and exterior walls and roof systems are reviewed. Mechanical devices and the HVAC distribution system review include all air filtration devices, pumps, fans, and motors in the delivery systems. A review of the Life Safety Systems to insure all equipment, and hardware computer systems are updated, using most recent related operating system software to insure all required building code regulations are met and occupants matriculate in a safe environment.

The Five Year Capital Plan delivered financially assigns a dollar amount for each recommended maintenance action projected for a five year plan. The client’s Report is categorized by each Facility Engineered System and analyzed by each year over the five year term.


The motto of “Don’t expect what you don’t inspect,” is very true in the Facility Operations industry. The wear and tear of facility systems require on formal maintenance system with timetables to produce uninterruptible service and realization of equipment life expectancy. KENDAY Consulting assigns technicians and engineers on a scheduled routine to insure all required maintenance schedules and met and properly administered. The Health Care industry is the most adamant about the use of cleaning chemicals and the cleaning personnel’s application of them through proper measurements and mixing. MSDS sheets are not only required for the Health Care industry, but all facilities where several staff persons and customers occupy. Proper measurement of dispersed cleaning products, and assurance that the proper disinfectants are used is a part of the training provided by our professional staff.


All equipment and structures have a manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. However, coordination of the composite equipment systems with facility personnel requires a trained skilled manager. The efficient usage of the client’s facility operating budget and personnel while maintaining all Janitorial Services and Engineered Systems requires a seasoned professional. KENDAY Consultants provides the Maintenance Program and Training of the client’s workforce supervisory personnel. Also, Good Success Company provides Facility Support personnel and often coordinates training in a new assignment with KENDAY Consultants.