About Us

GOOD SUCCESS COMPANIES  worldwide headquarters is located in Atlanta. Georgia. GSC combines over 55 years experience in Engineering Consulting, Facilities  Management & Engineering Services, and Project Management providing quality service to clients. Founded by Kenneth R Davis in 2000, GSC has evolved  to a corporate concern operating multiple companies emphasizing Facility Management industry and related services  serving commercial, governmental. and residential clients.

KENDAY CONSULTING  directs clients in the Electrical Power Industry  how to increase load Factors. provide fail safe transmission & distribution. and increase plant efficiency  through Reliability Engineering  GSC Project managers direct the methodology of multiple sources usage results in energy conservation for consumers and utilities. GSC staff has over 30 years’ experience in Power Generation and Distribution.

KENDAY CONSULTING also specializes in Small Business Management consulting. Possessing over 55 years’ experience in Fortune 500 Corporate experienced executives and managers, and combined with small business startups and operations offers new small businesses a unique perspective and skill set to educate and assist small businesses.

GOOD SUCCESS COMPANY, Inc. (dba: GSC Facility Management) offers Facility Management and Facility Services including Janitorial in the Governmental, Commercial and Industrial sectors. The clients include Retail and Banking, Education at K-I2 School systems. and Colleges and Universities. Also Health Care facilities, Transportation, industrial Plants, and commercial facilities and government facilities of all types. GSC also provides property management for office, residential, and multi-family properties.

GOOD SUCCESS FOUNDATION  is an expression of gratitude for our blessings. The Good Success Foundation is a non-profit corporation that awards high school and college students with mentoring and financial assistance to continue their educational pursuits.

GOOD SUCCESS COMPANIES umbrella of services are delivered and supported through GSC Corporate Services Department. The GSC companies are:

Good Success Company, Inc.   Kenday Consulting
Good Success Foundation, Inc.